Can Manual Fly Control Using Swatter Really Help

Even the most airtight home is going to be infiltrated by flies at some
time during the warm months. And the best way to deal with this problem
is the old fashioned way — with a fly swatter.

Dealing with manual fly termination does not involve the fear and
dread of eliminating bees or spiders, but the fly’s speed, elusiveness,
and ability to walk on ceilings can pose a challenge. Most flies that
enter your home are regular house flies. While some fly species, like
the stable fly, can actually bite you, the housefly does not bite.

cheap fly swatter will suffice, but one with flexible plastic at the
end is more useful in fly disposal. Your swatter needs to be easily
accessible. The housefly has an average speed of 4.5 miles per hour, so
some planning is a better tactic than just aimlessly lunging into the
air with the swatter. The venting reduces wind drag, making it easier to
hit a fast-moving target such as a fly.

How It Works

the swatter in your preferred hand. If it is daytime, move curtains
aside and patiently wait for the fly to land on the window. Swatting
them directly against the window is the best bet, but you’ll have to use
a sanitizing wipe to clean the area afterward. You can even “trap” them
with the fly swatter against the pane, then quickly pull back and then
in again for the kill. This method is highly effective.

If it is
nighttime, turn all lights off except for one. Then focus your
surveillance on that single light source. Just like before, the fly will
come around; you just have to wait for a few minutes. You can kill them
on a lamp, but that might be a dusty affair if the lampshade hasn’t
been vacuumed in some time. It is better to lure them onto a window next
to a lamp, and then engage as you would during the day. Strike the fly
very fast, without hesitation, with the swatter. If you miss, the fly
will start circling faster near the ceiling, out or reach, and might not
be catchable for several hours. Even if you crush a fly, don’t assume
it is dead because it’s immobile. Flies have a distinct way of playing
possum. Vanquishing a fly only to have it launch back out of the garbage
can is quite discouraging. Instead, use the swatter like a spatula,
move the fly onto the floor, even if it looks dead. Then hit it again.
Just to be safe, you can even dispose of it in a sealed sandwich bag to
avoid any seeming rebirths.

The safest, cheapest and most
effective form of indoor housefly control is the fly swatter. Depending
on how skilled the fly is, it can also be good exercise, too.

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